Our Growing Strength

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that Al Hilal Hospital registered the 1,330,000th patient visit on the 30th of January 2016. The hospital has been consistently providing multi-specialty medical care services to its patients for almost 10 years and has established a name for itself through its high quality healthcare services provided at affordable costs which is among the lowest in Bahrain. The total number of registered patients has reached 287,374 which mean 1 out of every 4 people living in Bahrain has availed medical treatments from Al Hilal Hospital. In a short span of less than 10 years, this is a remarkable achievement of trust and quality.
The hospital enjoys the support and confidence of patients from all over Bahrain. Patients from over 85 nationalities have visited the hospital until now. The major nationalities apart from Bahraini are Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and GCC.
The hospital has developed a corporate tie up for medical services with 30 companies, some of which are large internationally reputed companies having more than 5000 employees. The hospital is also on every Insurance Provider list with 25 Insurance partners in our network.

Future Plan

The hospital is pursuing its plans to extend its services to areas far away from Muharraq where patients are finding it difficult to travel. Apart from Al Hial Multi Speciality Medical Center fully functional in Riffa, 2 more branches are due to be established by the end of year 2017. The proposed branches will provide the multi-specialty clinical services, Diagnostic Laboratory, Radiography and Ultrasonography as part of its services.
After the Grand Opening of its first Al Hilal Optical Unit at the Premises of Al Hial Hospital Muharraq, few more optical Outlets have been proposed to be established within the year 2016.
The hospital in the Process of JCI accreditation to improve patient safety and quality of health care in the international community by providing rigorous standards of care and solutions for achieving peak performance.