Community Health Program

Al Hilal Hospital has been setting trends in Community Welfare and Health Promotion Activities in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The campaigns undertaken by the hospital are fully service oriented and totally free of cost to the patient.

COME BACK TO GOOD HEALTH campaign is a unique chronic health checkup program conducted in the months of June/July/August each year. The checkup is offered to any person coming to the hospital totally free of charge.

The checkup is open throughoutthe one month period through the whole day including Fridays.The checkup includes assessment of BP, BMI and blood tests for Blood Glucose, Kidney function, Cholesterol and Liver function.

First campaign launched in 2011

The program has enabled Al Hilal Hospital to focus the spotlight on the need for a wider national campaign on chronic health ailments and management of lifestyle related diseases. At present, there is no reliable data on the chronic health status of the population. About 47% of the current population of Bahrain (about 550,000 individuals) is in the age group of 30 to 59 years. It is estimated that by 2030, the number of people in this age group will significantly swell to reach 1 million. Also, the aging of population will lead to rise in the number of individuals living above 60 years age reaching 200,000 individuals. Over the past decade, the cost of the treatment and management of these diseases is continually rising and is a matter of grave concern for the authorities. The total expenditure on healthcare in Bahrain is rising annually at the rate of 12% as per the Ministry of Health reports; the main reason for this increase is chronic life style diseases. “Identifying the persons who need care can go a long way in preventing complications of these conditions that are known to be the major factors leading to mortality and morbidity.” The hospital is confident that the data generated from the campaign will be a useful source of accurate information to develop public health policy in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Focus of the program

The checkup is specifically designed to include BP check, blood tests for Diabetes, Cholesterol, Liver and Kidney diseases and body weight. This array of tests gives a most comprehensive overview of the person’s health with minimum tests and maximum information. Of course, more specific tests will be required in case an abnormal reading of the test results is found. The patients were also offered a special privilege coupon which was used for doctor’s consultation and other investigations.

With growing concern of increasing numbers of people suffering from these problems also been termed 'Silent Killer Diseases', routine screening tests is the best way to detect the presence of these conditions. Due to current life style, growing stress and food habits, these ailments are often neglected posing serious threat to an individual’s health.

Al Hilal Hospital leads

Al Hilal Hospital has played a pioneering role in developing the critical tools for screening of chronic health conditions both for the public as well as the authorities. The massive response to the free medical checkup which spread like wild fire by word of mouth has clearly shown that the people are aware of health needs and are keen to take care of their health.

Celebrating Motherhood campaign is a special women’s medical checkup offered free of cost to any woman coming to the hospital. The campaign is normally conducted in the months of October/ November every year.

The checkup is available throughout the one month period through the day including Fridays. The checkup includes a special consultation with the Gynecologist, assessment of BP, BMI and blood tests for Blood Glucose, Thyroid test, Hemoglobin, Blood cell counts and Vaginal culture or Screening Ultrasound scan is also offered on recommendation from the gynecologist totally free of cost.

First Campaign launched in Nov 2011

Al Hilal Hospital's one of a kind free women’s health awareness drive was conducted through the whole month of November 2011 under the caption "Celebrating Motherhood". More than 6000 women of different nationalities on the island have benefitted from Al Hilal Hospital's "Celebrating Motherhood” program.

The Focus of the Program

Celebrating Motherhood’ is a campaign with focus on women’s health. The checkup was offered free of cost and includes an array of blood tests, Gynecologist Consultation and counseling. The checkup is available on all days allowing families to plan their visit at their convenience to utilize this unique opportunity.The program was specifically designed to include tests that can assess a woman’s health. These arrays of tests have given a most comprehensive overview of the woman’s health with minimum tests and maximum information. Of course, more specific tests will be required in case an abnormal reading of the test results is found.

Program Objective

A large number of the women were found to be overweight with above the normal Body Mass Index, while many positive Thyroid abnormalities were also identified. Women were counseled about Breast Cancer Awareness, Reproductive health and guidance through Pregnancy and Motherhood. Particularly, expectant mothers and married women need proper guidance and this free checkup has encouraged women to feel comfortable and know about their healthcare needs. Many women might not be aware about their health care needs. Al Hilal Hospital draws focus to the total perspective of women’s health.